Reid Coy is based in the Boise,  Idaho office of PayneWest Insurance.   

Reid and the PayneWest team are the perfect guide to help clients avoid those obstacles of life or deal with them when they do happen.   In fact, he’s the guy you want to have with you in just about any challenging situation.

Like many entrepreneurs, Reid has a strong adventuring spirit. As a former mountain search and rescue worker, whitewater rafting guide, day trader and business owner he understands the perils of navigating treacherous territory. Whether you’re buying a home, starting a business or trekking through the mountains, having an experienced guide to show the way to point out hazardous missteps is invaluable. 

Creating a program that works for you

Reid and his team with visit you at your home or business.   Getting to know you and understand your needs for insurance coverage are key to setting up a proper insurance plan.   Whether you are looking for home, auto, motorcycle, life or business coverage they have the experience and knowledge to make sure there are no holes in your insurance coverage. 

A Plan for every need

Idaho offers a great outdoor lifestyle and the recreational vehicles we use to engage that lifestyle are wonderful.   Those toys come with risk, however and Idaho Insurance has an insurance plan for anything you need insured from boats to RVs and ATVS.

Business Coverage

Having that entrepreneurial spirit himself Reid loves to personally work with business owners.   PayneWest Insurance has appointments with doezens of A rated carriers to make sure they can meet the needs of their clients.