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Cost matters, but coverage pays the claim.  Know what you’re buying. 

Many people we talk to tell us they have FULL COVERAGE auto insurance.   They wrongly understand that to mean they will be fully covered in the event of an accident.   It’s important to understand what you are really buying when you purchasing a policy that has limits of coverage.  Our agency takes the time to help educate you to help you make informed choices.  

Making you smarter about insurance.  
The State of Idaho requires drivers to show financial responsibility with respect to their liability to others in the event of an accident.    Buying auto liability insurance is the easiest way to meet this requirement.   The State minimum requirement is:

$25,000 BI (bodily injury) coverage per person, but no more than $50,000 aggregate total bodily injury for everyone in the accident.  
$15,000 PD (property damage)

These minimums were established about 35 years ago!   At that time medical/hospital costs were a fraction of what they are today and the same holds true for property damage costs.   Just think about the average cost of a new car 35 years ago versus today.  

What happens if I’m under insured?    Hire an attorney.  If you cause an accident and the property damage or injury exceeds your limits of coverage then you’ll be personally responsible to pay the difference.   If you can’t pay you may be sued by the injured party, or their insurance company, for the difference.   This could result in seizure of assets or wage garnishments.   Personal injury judgments are generally considered non-dischargable debts in bankruptcy - this could affect you for a very long time. 

Our agency will show you what is required by law.   Next they’ll show you different levels of coverage and the cost differences so you can make an informed choice.   If you’ve taken an auto insurance quote before and only been presented with the cheapest, minimum requirement of coverage then you’ve sold a bill of goods by a bad agent.   A good agent knows that coverage matters.   The purpose of insurance is to protect you from catastrophic loss.  Minimum coverage only protects the insurance company from catastrophic loss.  

The more insurance you buy the cheaper it costs per thousand dollars of coverage.   Buying 10 times the liability coverage does NOT cost 10 times as much.   Usually it’s only 10% to 15% more to buy the highest coverage levels available.   As an example if your 2005 Ford cost $50 per month for state minimum coverage then it might only cost $60 per month for $250,000/$500,000 BI.  

Other coverages are extremely important – Uninsured Motorist Coverage / Underinsured Motorist Coverage.   Many motorist driving around Boise are doing so illegally with no insurance at all.  Many are insured with just state minimum.    This is the coverage that pays for YOU and your passengers injuries when another drivers is at fault, but has inadequate coverage to pay for your injuries and lost time at work.  

Comprehensive coverage pays for any damage to your car that isn’t directly related to a crash – like fire, theft, glass repairs, etc. 

Collision coverage pays to repair your car in the event of a crash regardless of fault.  

Both comprehensive and collision coverage are required by a lender to protect their interests in the event of an accident or loss of the vehicle.   Both coverages will carry a deductible.   A deductible is that portion of the loss that you as the insured are willing accept, the rest is paid by the insurance company up to the depreciated cost of replacing the car (what you could go buy an equivalent car for on the open market). 

If your car has customizations that it is important to declare the value of those so they are covered properly in a loss.    Don’t assume that your custom stereo is covered when it gets stolen   Unless it’s separately declared as a custom add-on, you will only be covered for original factory equipment.   Custom rims, exhausts, lift kits, etc. all need to be accounted for in determining the value of your car.   Antique and Collector Cars are a whole different policy and should NOT be insured in a regular auto policy.   Their value lies in their rarity and collectible nature and need to be insured as such.  

Other optional coverages are available: Medical payments, New Car Pledge, Rental Reimbursement, Towing/Roadside Service, Residual Debt Coverage (often referred to as Gap Coverage), SR-22 Coverage & more.   

Let’s discuss YOUR needs rather than just giving you a boiler plate package like most 800 companies will give you.   Even most local agents will fail to compare your policy with their quoted policy, simply trying to sell you on a lower rate.  You deserve an agent that knows your needs, cares about covering your family and lives in your community.