American’s love their motorcycles.   We in Boise Idaho are blessed with long riding seasons.   Whether you drive a custom Harley or an old dirt bike there are important insurance considerations.  Yes, even dirt bikes should be insured.   Some will argue that state law doesn’t require liability insurance for off road vehicles.  But do you buy insurance because you have to?  Or are you looking to protect valuable income and assets you’ve spent years building up?   Accidents and injury can happen just as easily off road as on.  
Bundling Saves You Money – you’ll earn discounts on your auto insurance that can reduce your overall costs on both your auto and motorcycle insurance.   Ask us to quote all your insurance needs.   Doesn’t it just make sense to have one agent draft your whole protection plan?
Your motorcycle needs an insurance coverage that will take care of it like you do. Lucky for you, our agency can help you choose the right motorcycle insurance policy for your motorcycle, so you can go out and enjoy the ride while someone else takes care of the paperwork
Things to consider when insuring your motorcycle
    Replacement cost of the motorcycle
    Gap coverage – what if you owe more than the bike is worth, what’s covered?
    Accessories – some will spend as much in accessories as they do the factory bike.   How will your policy treat add-ons, are they covered?  Only if the customizations are endorsed on the motorcycle policy.  If you don't have an agent that cares enough to ask the right questions you'll only get bluebook replacement cost and nothing for the customization costs.  
    Medical coverage – this is what pays YOU when injured in an accident regardless of fault.   Even if the bike falls over and you twist your knee.   Our agents will help you understand how this could work with your health insurance to cover your medical costs.  
    Passenger liability – you could be sued by your passenger! 
    Liability to others for bodily injury and/or property damange.   Don’t assume because your motorcycle is smaller than a car that you’ll do less damage.   What if you do an illegal lane change - to avoid hitting you a car swerves off the road bouncing over the curbing a shearing off a fire hydrant.  Millions of gallons of water flood down the hill flooding homes down the hill.   All this caused by your illegal lane change - your liability.  

Most agents will simply sell you a boiler plate policy - same coverage for everyone.  Our agents are trained to understand insurance and care enough to get you covered correctly for the risks associated with owning and operating a motorcycle.     Call now for a quote.   208-424-2934  or click here to request a quote