Whether it's in a motor home or a travel trailer, America loves the adventure of exploring and spending time outdoors. Our insurance agency is committed to making sure your travels don't put you at financial risk from the hazards of unexpected accidents. 

Will any policy do? No! Because not everyone is the same. Are you a full timer living out of your motor home, putting on thousands of miles per year. Or, are you just a weekend warrior only going out a few times per year with a tent trailer? What level of protection you needs takes these things into consideration as well as your overall need for financial protection. Some special considerations for recreational vehicle coverage are:

Windshield coverage

Awning & external accessory coverage

Content coverage

Roadside assistance. Trailers aren't covered under the towing vehicles roadside assistance policy. Imagine standing there as with your trailer as they tow off your truck and leave your trailer on the side of the freeway. Or, buying a policy from a dealer who just recommends an agent will leave you with a fragmented, unstructured plan.     

While we can sell you just an RV insurance policy, we'd rather help you create full protection plan for all your insurance needs.   Imagine building a home and hiring separate contractors to build each wall of your home. They don't have a master plan to work from and don't communicate with each other.   You'd have a pretty silly structure. Buying insurance policies from different companies, not having a master plan, and not communicating with each other is doing much the same thing with your insurance protection. Let us be your master builder. Call today for a quote 208-424-2934 or click here to request a quote online.