Home Insurance

Your home is likely the largest purchase you’ll ever make.   We spend our lives paying for it and our weekends maintaining it.   We want it to be perfect. 

When it comes to insuring our home, many people don’t put in the same care.   Did you know that not all home owner policies are the same?   Not all policies are all peril coverage, replacement cost policies.   That means there are things that would happen to your home or personal property that would NOT be covered.   Or that maybe covered, but only at a depreciated cost (Actual Cash Value).   

 It’s important you understand what your policy will cover AND what it will not.   Don’t assume that your policy will cover all your antiques, collectibles, guns & jewelry.   Some items require special riders, or floaters, to property provide the coverage you’d like to have - like your special wedding ring.  

Our agency will take the time to explain the various coverage, riders and multi-line discounts so that you can be sure you’re getting the maximum coverage for the dollars you pay.   As an independent broker we can help shop your insurance with many carriers & help you select the right carrier for your needs.