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Renters insurance Boise Idaho.

Idaho requires every driver to have liability insurance for their car, but most landlords will not require you to buy renters insurance for that house or apartment you’ve rented.    Over 60% of all renters don’t carry renters insurance, and it’s one of the most affordable types of insurance you can buy.  

Why buy renters?

It covers you for losses like theft, fire, and water damage.  It will even cover you for a loss away from your home.   So if your expensive electronics get stolen from your car – it’s covered!

A renters policy covers your liability.   Lets say your 4 year old is playing in the bathtub and leaves the water on, drain closed & floods the unit.   Your policy would pay for the damage to the unit.   You might ask why the land lords policy doesn’t cover that?   Well it would cover their structure (not your personal property) but then their insurance company would pursue you for the costs.   Avoid being sued by having a renters policy.

The policy covers your loss of use.   So that previous flood might have you out of the unit for 10 days while they dry out the unit & fix the water damage.   Your renters policy would pay for a hotel & associated expenses while you are not able to live in your rental unit.   

The policy can pay for injury to others who are visiting you.  Your dog decides he doesn’t like your friend and bites them?   Medical coverage on the policy will pay for their shots & stitches.  

A renters policy can be as little as $10 per month AND you’ll earn a multi-line discount on your auto insurance that helps offset the cost.   Doesn’t it just make sense to carry this coverage?

Liability coverage on a renters policy covers you for liabilities not covered by another policy, like defamation, accidental injury to others, etc.   

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